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Good networking of the Action participants, not only from Europe but around the world, forms an important basis of CHARME. Only through an intensive exchange both within the scientific community and with various interest groups and industry can the project results be realised and implemented. Owing to the current, dynamic developments in biotechnology and its cognate disciplines, with its standardisation initiatives and establishment of an international standardisation committee on biotechnology, a situation has been created that urgently needs the pooling, networking and harmonisation of the various activities in order to be able to achieve optimal results. This will be done, in the first instance, using systems biology research as an exemplar.


The goals of CHARME are therefore:

  • to develop a framework for standardisation of these standards and formats;
  • community building/networking of scientific standardisation initiatives in systems biology (and beyond);
  • development of a common understanding/definition of the subject matter;
  • to create a common platform for all stakeholders, for sustainable and efficient cooperation on standardisation and standardisation in systems biology (and beyond);
  • mediation between the scientific standardisation initiatives and the competent standardisation bodies and standards committees’ activities (including input from stakeholders, g. standardisation bodies, policy makers, regulators, users);
  • the analysis and classification of existing (or developing) community standards in the field of systems biology and computational modelling (and beyond);
  • to support the positioning of Europe as a "leading partner" in international standardisation and standardisation activities in the life sciences (including input for future market applications and cooperation with private enterprises).

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